• Spam
    Mon May 30 2022 07:08 pm


    Posting of illegal software, services and other types
    of spam will not be tollerated. You will be deleted,
    and your info will be turned over to the FBI. It's a
    shame one bad user caused me to post this new flash.
    This user caused me a lot of trouble from other systems.
    If you can't act like adult, just leave the system!

    This is my house, and you are a guest, treat it as you
    would as a guest anywhere else, and you will be welcomed
    here with open arms.

    C.G. Learn
  • Ambrosia Game
    Sun May 15 2022 09:45 am
    Ambrosia has been reset. During a recent automatic upgrade the the Operating System, the game file must have still been open during system shutdown, and become corrupted. Anyway, the game is now working. Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused anyone.

    C.G. Learn
  • Private E-Mail Update/Change
    Fri Apr 15 2022 04:02 pm
    Starting May 1, 2022, all read email will be deleted by the nightly mail event. This is due to the fact no one ever deletes their read email themselves. For those of you that have been not deleting email because you want to refer back to it at a later date, I suggest you make a screen print so you can keep a copy on your own personal computer. This change only affects private email, and NetMail. Thanks for your understanding in this matter.
  • New Changes To The System - Exciting
    Mon Mar 07 2022 09:00 am
    We have added a lot, and changed a lot in the past few weeks. Here are some changes in list format:

    - Added Odin's Maze Gameserver to our website under the Synchronet Tab.
    You can access our website at: "http://bbs.valhallabbs.com". To
    play the games, you will have to sign in using your name and PW you
    use to access the BBS using the Login tab at the top right of the page

    - Updated all the BBS menus with added features and graphics. You will
    need to use SyncTERM to see the enhanced graphics, and also it's the
    best client to see Valhalla as it was intended, and to experence it
    as it was in the pre-internet days, called dialup access.

    - Added a few new games.

    - Added a few more message areas under USENET, and willing to add more
    if you have suggestions.

    - In the process of adding some new networks. If you wish to see a
    network added that you like, please let me know.

    - We are in a beta phase of Synchronet, so from time to time, something
    may not work, or function as expected. If you experence this, please
    drop me a comment at [C]omment To The Sysop, on the Main Menu. We are
    always striving to make Valhalla the latest and greatest.

    - As always, thanks for meing a Valued Member at Valhalla Home Services.
    Be sure to tell your friends about us.

    C.G. Learn
  • Making Changes
    Wed Feb 16 2022 03:15 pm
    As you logon this month, you may notice some subtle changes taking place. After several years, I am tweaking some menus, making things easier to find, and doing some general upkeep and maint. If you see anything strange, or not working, please drop me a comment. And above all, have fun and enjoy the system. Thanks For Your Support
  • Update
    Thu Feb 10 2022 03:39 pm
    We just installed the new Synchronet Update, Version 3.19c. So far I don't see any issues, but if you notice anything wonky, please drop me a [C]omment To The Sysop on the main menu. Have fun, and enjoy...
  • Valhalla
    Sun May 30 2021 09:32 am
    Just letting everyone know, that Valhalla and it's owner is moving to a new
    house on or about June 6, so we will be down a few days to a week while they
    hook up the internet service, and we get settled in. Sorry for any inconvience
    this may cause our loyal users ans members, but it can't be helped. Truly, this
    is a good thing for me, and a new beginning. Just keep checking, as we will be
    back online soon. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Total Backup
    Mon Feb 22 2021 10:01 am
    Due to all the snow and ice, and all of the power failures in the area lately, I decided to do a complete backup of all systems. If you called in earlier today, and did not connect, that was the reason. Thanks for your continued support.